Jack in the Box Secret Menu and Price List Updated 2024

Jack in the Box Secret Menu

Jack in the Box Secret Menu has never been in the limelight of customers because of its unavailability in the Regular Menu. However, after reading this guide, you’ll have enough information to explore Jack in the Box Secret Menu at its best. 

For your information, the restaurant’s Secret Menu comprises an array of Off-Menu Dishes, Special Amenities, Customization Options, Discount Coupons, and VIP Perks accessible upon request or to those aware of such offerings. 

As 2024 unfolds, Jack in the Box has overhauled the Items and Prices of its Secret Menu’s and integrated it as a prime part of their Morning, Noon, and Dinner Menu. In the meantime, customers can alter each item of their secret menu orders according to their tastes and preferences. 

Since Jack in the Box Secret Menu directly links to the Hotel’s Reputation, its quality is always paramount. From showcasing culinary craftsmanship to using quality ingredients and maintaining hygiene standards, Jack in the Box Secret Menu’s aims to uphold the customer’s experience.

Breakdown of Jack in the Box Secret Menu & Prices in 2024

While dismantling the offerings of Jack in the Box Secret Menu’s, customers would find varied items and add-ons at economical prices. Meanwhile, the restaurant always acknowledges the customized tailoring of orders according to specific nutrition and preferences.

Jack in the Box Secret Menu

The following section will explore the Updated Items and Price List of Jack in the Box Secret Menu in 2024. Interestingly, customers can claim Online Deliveries, Special Discounts, and Seasonal Deals on Jack in the Box Secret Menu’s. 

Extra CheeseExtra slices of Jack In The Box cheeses$0.40
Extra Hamburger PattiesAdditional Hamburger Patties on your Hamburger$1.00
Bacon Bacon CheeseburgerExtra Bacon Bits on your burger$0.20+
Ciabatta Bacon CheeseburgerBacon Cheeseburger on delicious Ciabatta Buns$0.00+
Loaded Grilled Breakfast SandwichAdditional Turkey or Sausage on a Grilled Breakfast Sandwich of your choice$0.40+
Mint OREO Cookie ShakeMint Ice Cream substituted instead of Vanilla in a OREO Shake$2.79
Sourdough BreadSourdough bread instead of the original Jack In The Box buns for any burger you want$0.50

Breakfast Section in Jack in the Box Secret Menu

Jack in the Box Secret Menu tailors the Best Breakfast Options, including Loaded Breakfast Sandwiches, Jumbo Platter, Grilled Breakfast Sandwich, and Sausage Croissant paired with a cup of signature coffee, a smoothie, or a fruit cup. 

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Burgers Collection in Jack in the Box Secret Menu

While exploring the Jack in the Box Secret Menu’s, customers will find a collection of hearty burgers at economical prices, including Classic Buttery Jack, Sourdough Jack, Ultimate Cheeseburger, and Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger. 

Jack in the Box Secret Menu

Chicken Variety in Jack in the Box Secret Menu

Believe it or not, Jack in the Box Secret Menu features countless Chicken-formulated deals and combos, including Homestyle Ranch Chicken Club, Sourdough Grilled Chicken Club, Jack Spicy Chicken, Spicy Chicken Strips, and Chicken Nuggets. 

Sides & Snacks in Jack in the Box Secret Menu

On the far side of Regular Secret Menu’s Deals, Jack in the Box offers customization of orders through Snacks and Sides. In this section, customers can choose between French Fries, Seasoned Curly Fries, Nacho Monster Taco, Onion Rings, and Cheddar Potato Wedges. 

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Desserts Collection in Jack in the Box Secret Menu

Jack in the Box Secret Menu understands the aesthetics of the culinary world, offering a range of Sweet Dishes at the end of each meal. While exploring the Secret Menu’s Desserts Section, customers can find Cakes, Milkshakes, Cookies, and Mini Churros. 

Jack in the Box Secret Menu

Add-On Options in Jack in the Box Secret Menu

Since Jack in the Box Secret Menu offers complete customization of orders, customers can alter their deals and combos by adding Extra Cheese, Extra Hamburger Patties, Extra Sourdough Bread, Salad, Egg Rolls, and Stuffed Jalapenos. 


In short, Jack in the Box’s Secret Menu hides tantalizing eatery options for customers at affordable prices. Since the items and offerings of the Secret Menu’s are unavailable on the Standard Menu, customers must keenly follow the restaurant’s changing policies and weekly advisories to find out the latest deals on the Secret Menu. Unlike other rival fast-food chains, Jack in the Box allows enhanced customization of orders in its Secret Menu, which means customers can slightly alter their deals according to their tastes and diet plans. On the sidelines, our website always provides reliable information about changes and upgrades in the Jack in the Box Menu and Prices. Be sure to bookmark our blog and leave a comment as a token of appreciation for our writers and researchers. 

FAQs-Frequently Asked Question

As said earlier, the Jack in the Box Secret Menu isn’t available on the regular menu. So, to access it, ask the staff about the secret menu options during your visit or inquire if they’re willing to accommodate special requests.

Believe it or not, Customization is part of the fun of exploring the secret menu. Feel free to mix and match ingredients, adjust portion sizes, or even invent new combinations to suit your taste preferences and dietary plans. 

Since secret menu items are not officially listed, prices may vary depending on the specific ingredients requested and the location. It’s always a good idea to inquire about pricing before placing your order.

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